Alcohol, Cigarettes and Marijuana ( Guns fit this too!)


There is a lot of conversations about Colorado’s new retail Marijuana Laws, and as far as I am concerned, this political cartoon says it all. Would I rather be facing a head on vehicle where the driver is drinking or smoking Marijuana. Hands down Marijuana. People don’t get mean on pot, the don’t lose control of reasoning, and if anything, they drive slower. Being a product of being in college in the 1960’s, watching freinds drink to excess, my party drug was a couple of puffs. Too many and I fell asleep. People don’t get mean on pot, and tend to get the opposite of aggressive. How many beaten wives, children and policeman would be fine, if the perpetrator was high instead of drunk.
I am also an exsmoker, 35 years ago, and if I had continued to smoke, I’d be dead. I have no doubt about that.