USFS releases summer expansion on Breckenridge mountains


USFS releases summer expansion on Breckneridge mountains

After years of debate, the U.S.Forest Service has released it’s policy on summer development.
Soon you’ll be able to travel a zip line at 12,000 feet that is (at times) hundreds of feet off the ground and travels at 35-35 miles an hour. Your be able to hire a naturalist, by foot or jeep, and learn about the flora and fauna, and why the Indians burned down the trees on Peak 10, over 100 years ago. Of the 40,000 acres of White River National Forest, only 6% is under lease to ski areas. You’ll be seeing more mountain bike use, and more national and international mountain bike competitions.

Now if we could only find a way to make the perfect summers of Summit County longer. I guess climate change can help.

For my generation, the tech world is as much a burden as it is a blessing. Now Heartbleed!


For my generation, the tech world is as much a burden as it is a blessing. Now Heartbleed!

Here are some ideas about how protect yourself

ZDNet’s Heartbleed worldwide coverage
Heartbleed’s lesson: Passwords must die
With the multitudes of accounts we have to deal with for email, social networking and other applications that require password authentication, we need a better solution.

Worried about Heartbleed? LastPass’ Security Check has you covered
LastPass has updated its built-in Security Check so that you can now easily see which sites require you to update your passwords to be safe from possible Heartbleed attacks.

How the NSA shot itself in the foot by denying prior knowledge of Heartbleed vulnerability
In admitting it didn’t know about a massive security flaw in one of the Web’s most used encryption libraries, the NSA inadvertently revealed a massive institutional failure.

CloudFlare keys snatched using Heartbleed
CloudFlare’s analysis Friday that Heartbleed may not be able to recover private keys turns out to be wrong. Two candidates recovered the keys from their challenge server.

SANS warns end users against Heartbleed patch panic
While Heartbleed client-side attacks are possible, the SANS Institute warns that home users rushing to patch are more at risk of falling for scams — but change passwords regardless.

Private keys may be inaccessible to Heartbleed
[UPDATED] Research by CloudFlare indicates that Heartbleed can be used to obtain contents of server memory, but not private keys.

Before Heartbleed: Worst vulnerabilities ever?
There have been some pretty bad vulnerabilities before Heartbleed. Is it really any more severe than CodeRed or Blaster?

Android fragmentation turning devices into a toxic hellstew of vulnerabilities
With vulnerabilities such as Heartbleed and Pileup likely to go unpatched on tens, if not hundreds of millions of Android devices, the platform is fast becoming a toxic hellstew that should send chills down the spines of IT admins.

Apple’s iOS, OS X don’t have Heartbleed bug but BBM for iOS and Android do
Apple iOS and OS X devices aren’t affected by the Heartbleed bug, but BlackBerry’s BBM and Secure Work Spaces are — and the company says it lacks a fix for the issue.

Heartbleed’s engineer: It was an ‘accident’
The programmer responsible for code leading to Heartbleed says the flaw was accidental, despite its catastrophic consequences.

Heartbleed soul-search: regulation proposed for critical crypto code
Sophos’ James Lyne delivers an impassioned speech on how we got to the point Heartbleed was possible and why we shouldn’t be surprised it happened.

Lagging Android devices vulnerable to Heartbleed
Lack of patches and upgrade paths for Android is leaving devices vulnerable to Heartbleed exploits, security researchers from the SANS Institute and Sophos have said.

How to protect yourself in Heartbleed’s aftershocks
The companies know what to do about Heartbleed now. Here’s what you, as an individual, need to do now.

Cisco, Juniper products affected by Heartbleed
[UPDATE] Many networking products, including hardware, also run OpenSSL, the critical software component with a severe information disclosure vulnerability.

A heads up on the Twin Tunnels in Idaho Springs


A heads up on the Twin Tunnels in Idaho Springs

We lived at a slower pace last year, while they blasted the east bore of the twin tunnels at Idaho Springs, and since they had already built the access road, a decision has been made, that although the funds for widening the west bound portion of the road is not yet available, CDOT will save a bundle, if they go ahead and widen the westbound bore hole to accommodate 3 lanes, while they have the equipment and workforce in place. The process started in April 1st. Before you set out onto I 70 between here and Denver, in either direction, you might want to check first and plan your trip accordingly.

Denver has so much building going on, it’s looks like Shanghai!


Denver has so much building going on, it's looks like Shanghai!

We have had a house in Denver for about 14 years. Never before have I seen so much construction happening at one time. It’s absurd in Cherry Creek North, which is where I live, but drive along 1-25 through the core of downtown to the east, and the Highlands on the west, and cranes, and framed buildings is all you can see. I used to joke ( back in about 2006) that here in Breckenridge, that if you dug a hole, it rained and a house grew. Now in Denver the holes are bigger condo complex’s, commercial, and many, many apartments. Here in Summit County, we don’t have the place for much more than single family homesites ( 260 currently on the market). After 35 years I can speak from experience, if you want new, and you want condo, you have one, maybe 2 years at the most. If you want to build a home, or buy a spec, you have maybe 5-10 years, but, this sleepy little county I moved to 35 years ago, will soon be closing it’s doors to homeowners, as the visitors climb to maximum occupancy. 2013 was the best year ever, and wait till the numbers come in on 2014. The numbers will be through the roof.