Market Snapshot 1st Quarter 2017


Market Snapshot

“How’s the market?”

I get asked this question a lot. Below is a tool that gives you the ability to see what the market is like in Breckenridge. Seet what homes like your own are selling for right in your back yard.


While this is plenty of information, it is just a snapshot of market data and there are real people behind the high-tech and automated tools.  If you would like more detailed information or help in understanding the results I am here to help!

A good laugh!


A good laugh!

I couldn’t resist this political cartoon. You have not seen any postings as we are in the process of switching to Video’s, mostly that I make about the town or real estate. A few more days of the learning curve, and we’ll be back up almost every day

Summit County has Some of the Highest Life Expectancies in the Nation


Summit Countiy has Some of the Higesest Life Expectancies in the Nation

The Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation in Seattle studies show that residents of the Central Rockies have some of the highest life expectancies in the County. the national average for a male life expectancy in the USA is 76, but in Summit County it’s 81. For woman the average life expectancy is 80, but in Summit County it’s 81.
But no, it’s not the altitude, it’s the clean living.The study shows the 9 ways to live longer are
1. eat less
2. more sex
3. Less TV
4. Less loneliness
5.more sunscreen
6. Less Drinking
7.more fruits and veggies
8. more exercise
9. no smoking

The Cover of Today’s Newspaper


The Cover of Todays Newsaper

A mountain goat photographed yesterday in Ten Mile canyon ( I-70 west of Frisco near Officers Gulch)
How wonderful it is to wake up every day and see so much of nature’s miracles. It’s just one more reason I love living here. I have a secret hike I can usually see these wonderful creatures on, and a jeep trip up to 14,000 feet that we have seen a herd of these miraculous creatures. But were is the goat wash? If I left my white pup outside to live, he sure wouldn’t look this clean.

Let’s all take a few moment this weekend filled with fun and festivities


eagle head bowdedLets all take a few moment this weekend filed with fun and festivities

to bow our heads and remember all of those brave men and women who have risked everything to protect this county. It’s most profound in the midst of this VA scandal where many of the people in power choose to dispose of our injured, both physically and physically the men & women who have served, as well as those many people in America who go to bed hungry, and whose children live hungry. Personally, I think we need a new Harry Truman to throw the bums out of government and clean up all of the corrupt and selfish government bureaucrats who are too busy stuffing their own pockets. Let’s start with the do nothing congress. How ironic that we post 3 eagles in two days.

If the front page of every newspaper could start your day this happy


If the front page of every newspaper could start your day this happy

We’d be living in a better world. Richard Seeley , a photographer for the Summit Daily shot this photo that was on the cover of this mornings newspaper. A mother eagle feeding her tiny baby that looks smaller than a baby chicken. To live in Summit County is to live in a world that is so far removed from the ugly world beyond. How lucky we are all to share such a magnificent place.